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Full Testimonials


Sapphira Charles

Self-Employed Architect, artist, performer and Mother.

When working with Maureen I was able to shift and reframe my way of thinking when it came to failure and getting back on my feet.  Also to reframe failure as an opportunity rather than an adversity.


The biggest challenge was to incorporate all aspects of my life into be a fully and whole being.  When I had started, I was always under the impression this would not be possible and that I must maintain compartments in my life.  I never thought to marry all aspects, it was a revelation for me.


I would definitely work with Maureen again. She is such a lovely person, attentive, down to earth who gives amazing advice, practical exercises and challenges that create positive changes in my life.


I certainly can say that I changed because of the the work we did.  I had a lot of revelations during my time working with Maureen.  Topics discussed and dissected during our sessions provided me with a lot of healing work and new ways of thinking, communicating and doing.


 Our relationship was one that was very open and honest.  I felt completely comfortable to tell Maureen anything and everything.  I always looked forward to our sessions and new discoveries.


Scott Tate 

Co-Founder of Motus Training Studio

Instructor at the University of Guelph-Humber and Humber College

I’m a lot of things to a lot of people!

Professionally I’m a Neuroplastician, using primarily neuromuscular and strength training principles and tools.

As part of a growing family, I live in awe of my family and their constant curiosity, engagement and growth.


I am also a business owner and as such I’m constantly trying to get out of the way by supporting my colleagues so they can find their ideal clients and do the work that matter for them. 

Looking back at my time working with Maureen I’m struck by the power of the simple things. Learning to look at myself in a new light, particularly exploring those few key words that represent what I bring to the world, or could bring if I come with my full force of presence, will always be with me. I look at more of my own relationships through her coaching lens which also helps me see people in a different light- and I can’t help but be awed and excited by their potential with that lens on. 


I’m excited to re-engage with Maureen again and anticipate doing so over the years and phases of my life because things change and it’s hard to keep that 50 000 foot view alive when you’re in the trenches. 

I’m on this journey to grow, but as Maureen reminded me often, this growth happens on the edges and I know I  won’t go there or stay there long enough without a coach, there’s magic there.




Dave Brown 

Teacher and Coach

How do you give a testimonial for a person who has changed your life?  How do you put in words the meaning and value of having a person that's always on your side, even when you yourself are not?  What do you do when the outward results you've achieved pale in comparison to the fundamental shifts inside your mind? 


A year with Maureen has been incredible!  A new job, a massive increase in income, a solid vision for my life, a new appreciation and acceptance of myself; fulfillment of an impossible goal I set for myself 5 years ago.  Maureen was not my first life coach; indeed, I've had the opportunity to work with and be coached by some of the best in the industry.  And I wouldn't trade Maureen for any of them, because she in her own loving and supportive way keeps me moving forward towards my dreams step by step, week by week, month by month, and has transformed my experience of partnering with a life coach.  Hire her now!

I was pretty triggered by coaches and was letting my own shitty self-talk run my life. With her huge heart and in being a steady stand for me (not the shitty story I had about myself) I was able to get moving again.

In our time together I got myself back to teaching fulltime, running a private coaching practice and running a private English as a Second Language coaching service.

But most importantly I got back to loving myself again and to living my life by choice and design.

I've learned that I need different support at different times and the most important measure of success for me is my own measures of success -- not anyone else's

Thank you Maureen for being another life changing coach 


Angela McConnell

Angela McConnell

Professional Photographer

Photography by Angela McConnell

Maureen has helped me gain insight and develop coping strategies for both personal and professional challenges. I have learnt so much about myself and have learnt how to acknowledge my own needs. It has definitely been of huge benefit to me.


Michael Loveless.png

Michael Loveless


Process Flow Consulting

As a small businessman, the success or failure of the business rests upon the shoulders of its owner. When I began my personal coaching sessions with Maureen, I knew I needed to make improvements on a personal level to improve my ability to operate my business more effectively. What I didn't know is just how much benefit I would gain from Maureen's coaching.

Each week, I went about my business unaware of the positive effects that my coaching was having on my business and my personal life until we had our weekly coaching session. Each week built on the next and soon I was becoming increasingly aware of the impact that Maureen's skillful coaching was having.


I could not recommend her personal coaching services enough to anyone that is seeking to improve their lives. There were days that I wanted to hide under a rock and cancel my session. After my session it was clear that I was moving forward and although I am proud of myself for making those achievements, I can surely give credit to Maureen for providing me the tools necessary to make those strides ahead.


Thank-you Maureen; you have made a significant impact on my life which has improved several critical areas of my life.


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