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THREE Programs ONE Goal

Support those who support others!

Recharge, Rejuvenate, Reinvent

These programs are designed to support people helping people. They are pay-what-you-can because I want to give back to you, the people helping people, during these unprecedented times. I am giving my time to people who have been giving to others.

This summer is for your personal development, TRUST ME,

it will impact every area of your life!




Limited Spaces Available

Program Choices 


A coaching program for human-centered professionals: medical professionals, trainers, sport coaches, life and professional coaches, teachers, education administrators, professors, carers, human resource workers, aid workers, and volunteers. If I did not mention your field - don’t worry, apply!



A coaching program for elementary and secondary teachers. This program is designed to specifically support teachers. It is time to create some space in your life for you; working towards your goals and getting to know yourself again.



A coaching program for parents of school-aged children. This program is designed to support parents. It is a time to create some space in your life just for you and to work towards your personal goals.

Note: All three programs are open to people working in the Southern Hemisphere although you are not on ‘summer break’.


What you get:

2 hours (per month) of one-to-one coaching 

3 hours (per month) of small group coaching 

Accountability Partners (coach, coaching group and online community)

Full access to digital support and communications with your coach

Access to three (15 minute) spot coaching sessions


Leave with:


Foundation and grounding

Action taken



A support network


Lifetime access to our online community

First in-line access to follow-up programs

What’s the catch?

You must be ALL IN - 100%

You must be coachable and ready to move your life forward

3 month commitment - June through September 2020



Limited spaces available

Applications close June 15th, 2020



Why work with me? 


Here is the thing…this is not a marketing strategy. It is a gift. I want to serve others. I also value my time (hence, pay-what-you-can). But, this is an extremely inexpensive way to get top quality coaching.


How can I afford to ‘give-away’ my coaching? 


I do not see it that way. 


I truly want to serve others, especially those who have been working tirelessly to serve others. I realise that what I was working on was important and let’s be honest, bringing money in, but now I want to give my time to others.


Also, having my school-aged daughter home since March, has forced me to put my projects on hold. I was already balancing working from home and caring for a toddler. Since they have both been at home, I cannot give my children what they need without putting my work on hold. 


Also, life changed, so I changed. 


My partner is a teacher and has been working extra long hours building online learning for his students. I see how hard he and his colleagues have been working. He will be ‘home’ with us this summer and our summer adventures are on hold. 

So, I have this time to give.

Black Lives Matter

I have launched these programs at a time when the Black Lives Matter movement is also taking place. I want to state that I am white and female Canadian of mixed ethnicity. I know that I personally need to know more, be better and take action. I am listening and learning. I am sharing my commitment to this by donating 10% of all funds earned through the Pay-What-You-Can Summer Coaching Programs to organizations that support Black Lives. Please take the time to educate yourself and begin your journey or discovery about the Black Lives Matter Movement and why it is so important. I commit to learning and taking action against racism.


What does Pay-What-You-Can mean?

I am waiving my regular monthly fees for one-to-one and group coaching. I am combining these to create a tailored-made group and individual coaching for the Pay-What-You-Can Summer Coaching Program to serve those who are in helping professions. Fees will need to be paid up front and there will be a monthly minimum of $50 USD/$150 dollars for the whole 3 month program; to cover the very basic costs and provide a contribution to the Black Live Matter Movement. You may also choose to pay full monthly rates of $600 USD, which will then cover a pro-bono place for another applicant. When you are accepted into the program you will receive further payment details. There will be a few pro-bono (free) places, let me know your interest in these on your application.

With Love,



Curious? But have questions. Reach out I would be glad to connect with you.

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